Feature flags

Featureflow feature flags separate code deploy from feature release. Provide a single source of truth for your entire application stack, and give your teams the control required to confidently execute Continuous Delivery.

Featureflow controls go further than that, allowing you to segment, target experiment and control your application, precisely, in real-time.

1. Add a single line of code to your application

2. Define your feature flag

3. Release with confidence and control

Feature flagging, feature flags, toggles (we call them controls) is a well established idea. We have managed feature flags in databases and configuration files for years. It is the concept of simply wrapping a given feature in an if/else statement to enable control at run-time.


However when scaling to hundreds of flags and multiple systems we often get unstuck.


Home-grown systems lack the control and visibility to track these flags, often multiple solutions are implemented for each tech stack that exists – and almost all solutions require some input from engineering.


This is where featureflow comes in. Featureflow offers the simplest, best practice and most real-time way to manage flags across your entire application stack, multiple projects and environments.


With a single line of code you can transform how you manage feature rollouts and control your applications.


Feature Management

Manage your features across multiple projects and multiple environments from your own local environment to dev, test and production.

Gradual Rollouts

Gradually release a new feature to users to reduce risk and evaluate performance or release multiple variants of a feature at once.

Feature Targeting rules

Target your features and feature variants to a single user, a group of users, a country, or any other variable you wish to. For example, enable new features to ‘beta’ users only.

Rollout plans

Migrate your entire environment feature state across environments to easily enable rollout schemes. Rollback simply by enabling the previous scheme.

Realtime Environment and Component Inventory

Know instantly when features become available in an environment with real time availability updates. As soon as its released, you’ll know its ready to turn on.

      Featureflow APIs available for all platforms, including